Our Story

Our Story

Million Air Medford is an award-winning FBO (fixed-base operator) that provides a world-class line of aviation amenities and services in Southern Oregon. Providing these services to the small single engine aircraft up to the largest private business jets, Million Air Medford is one of the top FBOs in the Northwest. In addition to first class amenities we also provide fuel for private, business, and commercial aviation at the Medford airport.

We began in the private aviation business in 1992 as Superior Air Charter, Inc. Over the next 17 years, we operated a variety of turbo-prop and jet aircraft. During those years, we had the opportunity to be customers at FBOs across the U.S, Canada, and Mexico. In 2005, we entered the FBO business and the Million Air franchise was a natural fit. We have since built our business on providing a WOW experience to customers and employees.

Million Air Medford utilizes current hangar space to store, clean, and maintain base and transient aircraft. However, the demand for hangar in Southern Oregon continues to grow which is why we have broken ground on a new facility. This new hangar will be one of the largest in Oregon at 36,000 square-feet; a capacity to hold two Boeing 737s.


Million Air – Premier FBO System

The Million Air chain includes over 30 franchised and corporate-owned facilities spanning North and South America, Africa, and China. More than 1,000 employees and than 800 aircraft within the leasehold of its Million Air sets the stage for enhancing the service standards of the industry. With 30 years of experience, Million Air is uniquely qualified to develop and operate FBOs with first-class customer service.

Million Air locations provide great benefits to the country, city, airport, and greater communities for all general and commercial aviation users of the airport. This company continues to expand on a global level with the ability to license, own, and operate facilities in most countries.

Our Customer Service Representatives and Line Service Professionals are prepared to exceed the expectations of both passengers and flight crews. In addition to offering first-class customer service, Million Air Medford maintains the highest level of ground services and aircraft safety.  The security of our customers is our top concern which is why we go great lengths to ensure your privacy.
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For more information on Million Air Medford and our services you can find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/millionairmfr.