Million Air SYR Line Boss: John Goldthwaite

John Goldthwaite has been with Million Air since August, 2018.  He is responsible for all aspects of managing the line service professionals including: employee training, safe refueling, fuel quality control, deice operations, inventory management, scheduled inspections, maintenance of refueling equipment and storage areas, aircraft movement, hangar operations and scheduling of employees.

He has been recognized for excellent customer service skills, focused on leading business while setting the benchmark for peers. He has multiple Commendations for excellence in Customer Service and Leading by Example. John prides himself in building customer relationships and expanding sales potential through these relationships.

He has completed the following company training: NATA Safety 1stPLST and Supervisory Training approved by the FAA. ATA 103 Standards for Jet Fuel Quality Control at Airports, NFPA 407 Standards for Aircraft Fuel Servicing. Hazardous Communications training. Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures training.