When Freeman Holdings, LLC established Million Air Topeka at Forbes Field in March of 2001, it became the third Million Air Franchise owner in the nation. Since then, the Freeman Holdings Group has remained loyal to the Million Air brand, helping it to grow into one of the largest and most successful FBO franchises with locations across the country

During a period of growth from February 2005 through the present, Freeman Holdings Group acquired additional FBOs in Alexandria, Louisiana; Lake Charles, Louisiana; Victorville, California; Rome, New York; Moses Lake, Washington; Yuma, Arizona; Riverside, California; Stennis, Mississippi; Orlando, Florida; Syracuse, New York; and Medford, Oregon. A hallmark of all of the Freeman Holding Group’s FBO is the first class facilities – our companies have made substantial capital improvements to the hangars and facilities which we operate.

The Million Air chain of fixed-base operations (FBOs) stands as the nation’s premier provider of upscale, private aviation services. Million Air Interlink currently delivers general aviation services through a chain of separate franchises strategically located across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. The FBOs owned by Freeman Holdings Group are proud members and licensees of Million Air Interlink, Inc.

Million Air Interlink, Inc. was founded in 1985 as an aircraft FBO in Dallas, Texas, by Richard Rogers of Mary Kay Cosmetics Company. The company’s goal was to create a first-class facility that would offer superior service to customers and sales representatives upon their arrival at the local airport. The goal quickly expanded to a new service concept known as the “Million Air Experience,” which has received national attention. Ultimately, several independent FBO’s came aboard to form the Million Air franchise system. Million Air remains as one of the most respected large FBO chains in the world.

In January 2002, Roger E. Woolsey, President and CEO of REW Investment, Inc., acquired Million Air interlink, Inc.  Under Mr. Woolsey’s leadership, Million Air has been voted #1 Best Large FBO Chain in the Pro Pilot Praise Survey every year from 2012 through 2018.

Many employees at Million Air’s locations are retired military personnel with years of military experience.  Their experience and extensive backgrounds have proven immeasurably beneficial to the FBOs and their clients. In response to seasonal traffic increases, service emergencies, and natural disasters Million Air can call on any other of its ten FBOs to pull personnel to aid at other locations.  Million Air will comply with all federal, state, and local rules and regulations, including NFPA 409 and all applicable FARs and Advisory Circulars.